Trixy Aviation welcomes our new team member Dr. Michael W.J. Ullrich one of the pioneers in Gyrocopter flight in Europe. With his more than 40 years of flight experience that started with his private pilot Licence for gliders, commercial pilot licence and finally obtaining his flight trainer licence for fixed wing UL and Gyrocopters, Dr Michael Ullrich has proven his passion for the flight sport. By teaming up passion with passion Trixy Aviation will provide a even better customer experience to the already more than excellent support and service. Our goal is setting new standards in all fields of the Gyrocopter industry by driving development and support quality to a new industry height together with our team members.


Dr. Michael Ullrich proving that there are no bad weather conditions but only wrong equipment. G4-2 Ski mount.


Flying at its most natural ways one of the features of Trixy Aviation Gyrocopters making the Trixy Aviation Gyrocopter model G 4-2 a versatile base for flight schools, private and professional use. The Development driven design features are making the Trixy G4-2 a uniq product in a uniformed world of Gyro flight