Many gyrocopter pilots get no hangar space for their gyrocopter at the airport. Others do not want the gyrocopter in a community hangar. Some enthusiastic pilots want to take the gyroplane with them on vacation.

The innovative Trixy-Team looked for a solution and presented a mobile hangar for gyrocopters at the AERO 2011. The ambitious team refined details and reduced the weight in 2012. The new mobile hangar was then exhibited in the open ground of the show and it attracted the attention of the crowds.

Several mobile hangars from Trixy Aviation can be found in the meantime, in West Africa, England, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Austria and other countries.

Technical Data:

  • Frame: Galvanized Steel.
  • Cabin: Aluminum frame und Aluminum sheet metal.
  • Axes: 2 KNOTT axes with brakes on 4 wheels for a total weight of 1700 kg.
  • Loading door: Double-wing door at the rear end of the cabin.
  • Entry door: One lockable door integrated in the loading door. 
Length x Width x Height: 920 x 231 x 353 cm
Cabin dimensions L x B x H: 600 x 224 x 295 cm
Length of rotor box: 870 cm
(Empty weight: 1050 kg)
Maximum permitted weight: 1700 kg
Maximum loading: 650 kg
Maximum hitch load: 100 kg
Net price (excl. VAT), without accessories, Ex-Works: Price on request
  • Electrical winch with wired remote control (cable around 7 m).
  • Car battery to feed the electrical winch installed inside the cabin.
  • Battery charger 230 V; installed inside the cabin.
  • 2 Rotor foam filled cushions (front and back) to hold the rotor inside the rotor box.
  • 3 ramps for loading and unloading a gyrocopter.
  • Guide rails for three wheels on the wooden floor of the cabin.
  • End-wedge for the nose wheel of the gyrocopter fixed in place inside the cabin.
  • A set of belts to tighten the gyrocopter to the floor.
  • Internal cabin light.
  • Spare wheel installed inside the cabin.
  • AL-KO AKS 3004 Stabiliser Coupling with security lock (for protection against theft)

Net price (excl. VAT), including the above accessories, Ex-Works: € 17,500.00

An additional entry lockable door in the front wall of the cabin to be used with wider gyrocopters (side-by side) is available on request: € 450.00

Please contact us for quotation, delivery time and other questions.

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